We are looking for a performance driven online marketer

Read the below description. Enjoy.

Company overview
Vessla has, in 6 months, become Swedens largest e-scooter company. We make usable, affordable and well designed electric scooters for the urban commuter. Vessla have great ambitions and want to contribute to a better world. Pollution and traffic congestion is a big deal. Cities grow and there isn’t enough room for cars and buses. People need to move from clumsy and wide four wheelers to slim and slender two wheelers. Vessla offer a silent, sustainable and ugly free alternative.

Vessla care for customers and employees like family. We exist to save people time and to save the planet from dirt. We offer a sustainable vehicle that are free from uselessness and packed with long term customer value.

This is you

  • You are the kind of person that just live to make people happy.
  • You have extensive knowledge about Google and Facebook.
  • You are comfortable working with cost of sale goals rather than monthly budgets.
  • You have experience in working with overseas markets.
  • You know your shit regarding tracking and reporting.
  • You are tidy and love to keep things organized.
  • You are in love with details and won’t let anything fall.
  • You are used to setting up your own processes to make work work.

What you’ll do
You have one goal. Create predictability with marketing money. Like if we put in X amount of money we will sell Y Vesslas with 80% certainty. If you grind, test, monitor, optimize and grind again i’m confident that there is a way to create a specific system for selling Vesslas. This system should be scalable and duplicatable.

This recipe will be the foundation on how we launch new markets.

This also requires to manage such things like conversion optimization, attribution models, tracking setup, bidding strategy, content etc.

You don’t need to do all this stuff yourself of course but you need to know how to buy this wide range of services.

Hey! This is the beloved Vessla Way.

It’s more or less just a bunch of dos and donts for the Vessla family. Every partner, employee, friend or whatever must align with this piece of wisdom.

Champion the mission
Whatever you do – don’t forget the Vessla mission. We exist to save people time by reinventing commuting. As an effect we also give the earth some well deserved slack. We’re not making vehicles. We’re improving peoples lives with products people love. Notice the word love. Not like. That’s important.

Always find a way to sell
There will be times when the rain is pouring down or all Vesslas are sold out. But we shall always find a way to sell anyway. There are plenty of locations around the globe. We can develop products like hats or hoodies. We can offer customers to pre-order to get first in line. There is always a way and we never give up on sales. That’s our life line.

Always be scrappy
Vessla will grow up and become loads of people. Hopefully all around the globe. It’s really easy to lose respect for money and the importance of being creative. That’s a huge nono at Vessla. We always strive to be scrappy. We will always try to find a way to make huge projects small. Expensive activities cheap. Hard things simple. There is always a way to simplify things. Keep the focus. Stay creative and be scrappy.

Be tasteful
Design is in general important. For Vessla it’s essential. Whatever we do, we always have design in the back of our heads. Nothing can ever be ugly in the name of Vessla. That goes for presentations, products, accessories, pens or whatever. The design ambition can never be too high.

Plan B – always and forever
Most things Vessla will do will be hard as hell. We will hit the wall and fail. But if we always have a fallback plan the damage will be limited. We will avoid the really painful traps and recover quick. So always have a plan B in the sleeve of your shirt if the shit hits the fan and switch direction fast.

Effort vs. Impact
There is always two sides to a coin. There is always multiple ways of doing stuff. At Vessla we always consider effort vs impact. The goal is to maximize impact and minimize effort. By that we don’t mean cutting corners. But we always consider the customer impact of every action in relation to the effort needed. That’s our principle of keeping focus and making the right priorities.

Apply now fellow future collegue

Send over a video, your CV, an email or whatever you feel like. But take this serious because we are. We will pay very much attention to this and won’t stop before we find what we need. Send your application to rickard@vessla.com.