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Lennox Blue just went out of stock...again.

20 000 SEK | 20 000 NOK | €2000

Lennox Blue just ran out of stock…again. But don’t worry, new ones are on the way. Estimated time of delivery is mid/end of August. There are still a few Lebowski Black in stock however. Delivery within in 10 working days. Order now by filling in the form below.

Lebowski Black – 10 days of delivery.
Lennox Blue – delivery in August.

Swedes are lucky since the government refund 25% of the price. Learn more here.

Delivery and payment

Lennox Blue just ran out of stock…again. But don’t worry, new ones are on the way. Estimated time of delivery is end of August. But there are still a few Lebowski Black in stock. They deliver within in 10 working days.

Delivery will be during day time to your door step with Postnord. The Vessla is fully assembled except for the rear mirrors. We deliver to your registered address only. Our payment partner require this. You will get a order confirmation when the order has been processed and a notice from Postnord when delivery is near.

Payment is done through a 30 days invoice via our partner Svea Ekonomi.

Want to take it for a spin before you purchase?

We have a test drive and refferal program called Vessla Heroes. It is a network of existing customers who is happy to show you his/her Vessla and also let you take it for a spin. Check out our Vessla Hero page and see if you have a Vessla Hero nearby. When you found one, just pop us an email on and we’ll set you up.

Here is the link:

This is how the electric bonus in Sweden work

The subsidy is a part of the governmental plan to reduce cars and pollution in the cities. It is in total 350 million SEK per year and valid for light electric vehicles like Vesslas. It means that you get a 25% refund upon purchase. This is how it works:

  1. Order a Vessla in the form above.
  2. Within a few days of the delivery the plate and registration certificate will come.
  3. Go to this page and complete your application.
  4. You need the delivery note, bank extract and registration certificate.
  5. When Naturvårdsverket has handled your application the money will be refunded.

Most likely it will run out during this summer or autumn so hurry curry.

By completing this form you agree to have your Vessla delivered to your registered address and will receive an invoice with 30 days of payment.  In Norway and Sweden we’ll manage the registration process for free. Your Vessla will be registered to the stated personal identity number. In Germany the customer itself manage the registration process with your insurance company.

In need of product specs?

20 000 SEK | 20 000 NOK | €2000

Range: 40-60 km | Top speed: 45 km/h | Battery: Portable LG-lithium battery, 20 V, 60 A | Charging: 220 V outlet | Engine: Bosch 1000 W | Subsidy: 25% refund in Sweden (more info)