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Question How do I open the seat?
AnswerIt’s simple. Just turn, not press, the ignition key to the left and the seat will pop up.
Question I try to charge but nothing happens?
AnswerWell, then you’ve probably not turned ON the main switch. Just open the seat and at the back edge there is a switch. Turn it to ON. Now the Vessla have power and can be charged or ridden.
Question I’ve ordered plenty of stuff but all I got was the Vessla?
AnswerThe Vessla and the accessories will be sent in separate packets and they can arrive with a few days apart.
Question I have the Vessla but no registration plate?
AnswerJust calm. If you’re a Swede or Norwegian the plate and certificate will arrive in a few days by mail. If you’re a German, you need to order your plate at your insurance company. Just give them a ring and get a suitable insurance and also order a registration plate.
Question How the heck does the alarm remote work?

There are four buttons on the remote. Here is a quick guide to them.
Flash button: Push this button to start your Vessla without even having the key inserted. It’s like a keyless system. Just have the remote in the pocket and you’re good to go.
Lock-open: This button has a multi function. If you have started the Vessla with the Flash button you turn the Vessla off by pushing the lock-open button. If you have turned the alarm ON (see below) this is the button to hit if you want to turn it OFF.
Lock-closed: This will turn the alarm ON.
Sound/honk button: The alarm is quite sensitive by origin. If it’s too sensitive you can push and hold this button down and you’ll make the alarm less sensitive.

Question I want to give it a spin. How?
AnswerWe have a customer driven test drive program called Vessla Heroes. Meaning that existing customers act as a local showrooms and let people test drive their Vessla and also talk little about their experiences so far. See if you have a Vessla Hero near by here.
Question What if something breaks?
AnswerWell, the best thing with electric scooters in general and Vesslas in particular is that there a very few things that can break. Compared to a combustion engine that has about 400 separate parts an electric one has a handfull. But hey a Vessla can fall in a storm and a plastic part break. In that case you can visit any Bosch Car Service center. There are about 70 of them in Sweden only. In a near future we will have European coverage. If you happen not to have a Bosch place nearby, give us a ring and we’ll help you find a mechanic.
Question How do I mount a top box?
AnswerFirst you need a carrier. The thing that the box is mounted on. The carrier is supposed to sit where the rear handles are. The silver ones. So first you need to detach those. Then mount the carrier in the same monuts. It’s a bit tricky but just call your handy father or buddy.