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Question Why a Vessla?
AnswerYou say why – we say why not 😉 However there are quite a few serious reasons. Number one. Fossil fuel scooters are probably as worse as it gets pollution wise. In particular older ones. Their emission can be up to hundreds times worse than a car. So stay away. Number two. The feeling. It’s a great feeling riding around in total silence. No gears, no oil, no mechanics, just a smooth stepless ride. It’s priceless. You should try.
Question How far can I ride my Vessla?
AnswerAbout 40-60 km on one single charge. The reach depends on your weight, tire pressure, wind, temperature etc. Do you have range anxiety? Get another battery and double the range. They both fit under the seat.
Question How the heck do I charge my Vessla?
AnswerIt’s dead easy. Just open your saddle. Take the battery out. Carry it with you to a regular outlet. Plug it in, wait a few hours. Done!
Question How speedish is my Vessla?
AnswerIt’s just like a regular EU-scooter (Class 1) which comfortably rides at 45 km/h.
Question 20 k? It sounds cheap. Why?
AnswerBecause we wanted to. Vessla isn’t some exclusive dandy brand. Vessla is for all of us who cares about the world. And the children. And want a smooth ride. We want everyone to afford a Vessla. Vessla is a success and have exceeded all our expectations. Our biggest issue right now is that we have loads of customers but very few Vesslas. If you chose to pay upfront you support our business and we are able to buy more Vesslas sooner so more people can chose a smart and sustainable way of travel.
Question What about the specs?
AnswerVessla is a premium vehicle with premium components. We use a 1000 W by the electric engine market leader Bosch. Our battery is a LG-cell which is commonly used and proved to be a super quality battery. Our brakes are stainless and long lasting. All components has been carefully chosen by our product engineers.
Question Can you even buy a scooter online?
AnswerOf course you can. It’s easy and super safe. You order your Vessla – we deliver it to your front door. Just charge the battery, get an insurance and you’re good to go. We make sure the Vessla gets registered. If you change your mind within 2 weeks you can return it.
Question If I order now, when will I get my Vessla?
AnswerBatch 1 sold out. Batch 2 sold out. Pre-orders for Batch 3 are open. Delivery will be in April/May 2018. First come – first serve.
Question Have you been around scooter-producing-wise?
AnswerYes, yes, yes. We’ve got more than 15 years of experience in developing, designing and producing scooters. So, we’ve been a quality scooter producer for a long time, and Vessla is not our first scooter.
Question I want to give it a spin. How?
AnswerOk, we’ve just started so bear with us. Our ambition is to involve you guys in this. So as a Vessla owner you’ll be offered to become a Vessla Hero. Meaning that you arrange test drive sessions for people in your neighborhood. Optional of course but if you want to contribute to a better world this is a very tiny effort. Until this is official and running we’ll have Vesslas in Stockholm at Kopenscooter.Nu on Lindhagensgatan 51. During the spring we’ll have a few more dealers in Gothenburg, Västervik, Linköping and Östersund. Overseas people, we’re working on it.
Question What if something breaks?
AnswerWell, the best thing with electric scooters in general and Vesslas in particular is that there a very few things that can break. Compared to a combustion engine that has about 400 separate parts an electric one has a handfull. But hey a Vessla can fall in a storm and a plastic part break. In that case you can visit any Bosch Car Service center. There are about 70 of them in Sweden only. In a near future we will have European coverage. If you happen not to have a Bosch place nearby, give us a ring and we’ll help you find a mechanic.