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Rickard Bröms CEO Vessla
Vessla have two goals. Number one. Save loads of people loads of time. Number two. Save the world from fossil fuel.
Rickard Bröms, CEO and Founder, Vessla

Vessla is the Swedish word for weasel.

Weasels are slender, smooth and silent. Just like our scooters.

Each year the average Stockholm citizen spend more than 6 weeks commuting. The majority in crowded buses, in endless lines of cars, on subways or trains. In cities where more people move to than from, commuting will be a growing problem. The governmental infrastructure efforts will never be fast enough or big enough.

The only way to solve this problem is to move people from four wheels to two wheels.  But to go by fossil driven two wheelers is a bad idea. Fossil scooters are the worst environmental vehicles around. Old scooters can be up to hundred times worse than a car from an emission point of view. Bicycles are great but they aren’t for everyone. Electric scooters will be the solution to the big city commuting problem.

Fossil transportation needs to stop. Now. For real.

More than 70% of the people who work in the city center of Stockholm live outside the city center. They have families, activities and a demanding life in general. Their number one issue. Time.

By commuting by a sustainable two-wheeler, people will save time. Loads of time. An ordinary suburban can save up to an hour per day. That will add up over time and sums to a total about 4 weeks over one year period.

That equals to a normal Swedish summer vacay. For families and time dependent people that will have huge impact on quality of life.

At the same time, we cut poor planet earth some well-deserved slack. For real. We truly believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place substantially while transforming into future commuting. 51% of all car trips in Sweden are less than 7,5 km long. There should be room for moving a fraction of these to sustainable Vessla trips.

A few words about the company

We have more than 15 years of experience in developing, designing and producing scooters.

Vessla was founded by the marketing old timer Rickard Bröms and the two scooter veterans Peter Klangsell and Mikael Klingberg.

Rickard Bröms has spent the last 14 years building brands and marketing them. First at the well renowed agency Farfar followed by Swedens first hybrid agency Wisely and last at the Swedens biggest full service agency Bizkit Havas.

Peter Klangsell and Mikael Klingberg fouded the scooter warehouse KopEnScooter.Nu in 2004. It is the number one retailer for scooters in Sweden with flag ship stores, e-commerce and a bunch of local dealers. In 2014 they expanded the business with electric bicycles under the brand It has the widest range of products in the Nordics and has grown by triple digits annually.

The mix between brand knowledge and product experience makes the difference.

The first batch sold out in 3 weeks. Pre-orders for batch two just opened.