It's smooth. It's silent. It's sustainable. It's electric.

20 000 SEK | 20 000 NOK | €2000

Range: 40-60 km | Top speed: 45 km/h | Battery: Portable LG-lithium battery, 20 V, 60 A | Charging: 220 V outlet | Engine: Bosch 1000 W | Subsidy: 25% refund in Sweden (more info)

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8 reasons to buy a Vessla:

  1. Save time. Did you know more than 60% in Sweden commute with car or public transportation. The most ineffective and painful way to commute to work. Switch from four wheels to two wheels now.
  2. Save the planet. Gasoline commuting is one of the largest contributor to air pollution. That must come to an end. A Vessla is totally emission free. And smooth as hell.
  3. It’s a breeze to charge. The battery is portable and can be charged in an ordinary outlet. You can drive 40-60 km on one single charge. Double the range by using an extra battery which will fit under the seat.
  4. It’s silent. Riding a Vessla is completely noiseless. It’s awesome. You should try it.
  5. It’s totally ugly free. Uglyness is a painful thing in life. Just switch to niceness. Ride Vessla.
  6. It’s basically maintenance free. Just let a mechanic have a swift look every year and you’ll be fine. No oil refill. No switching filters. No mechanics.
  7. It’s premium components. The Vessla is stuffed with proven parts like a Bosch engine, LG-battery, premium bumpers, premium tires etc.
  8. It’s freakin cheap. Get rid of your monthly public transport pass. Get rid of your second car. Get a Vessla and start stacking money. It’s a no-brainer.

Product specifications:

  • Brake System: Disc brake (front) and Drum brake (rear)
  • Max Speed: 45 km/h
  • Range distance per charge: 40-60 km
  • Battery Weight: 8 kg
  • Total Weight: 60 kg
  • Engine: Bosch 1000 W
  • Battery type: LG-cells 60V 20Ah Lithium (portable)
  • Recharge Cycles: 700-900 times
  • Charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Tire size: 90/90-10” Tubeless
  • Max load: 150 kg
  • Uphill climb: 21 degrees (70 kg)

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Just fill in form below. 20 000 SEK | 20 000 NOK | €2000 | Pssst…Swedish customers get 25% refund in the governmental electric bonus. Read more here.

By completing this form you agree to have your Vessla delivered to your registered address and will receive an invoice with 10-30 days of payment. If you pay in advance you pay 20 000 SEK/NOK or €2000. If you pay upon delivery you’ll pay 22 000 SEK/NOK or €2000. In Norway and Sweden we manage the registration process for free. Your Vessla will be registered to the stated personal identity number. In Germany the customer itself manage the registration process with your insurance company.